Any data center project starts with the appointment of a consultant to do the design. Among the services offered by TSP in the realm of data centers is the consultancy activity that covers requirements finding, full design, budgeting, RFP preparation, bids evaluation, Tier certification assistance vis-à-vis Uptime Institute.

Pre-Sales and Research from Different Manufacturers

One of the most delicate steps in proper provisioning of material for any data center project is the correct choice of selections from the manufacturer. This requires in depth knowledge of the manufacturer product line and matching it to the project specifications. Any error at this level incurs time delays and additional costs. Our manufacturer certified team makes sure that what is ordered will deliver the specified end result.

Project Supervision

Data center projects are of the complex type that involve numerous systems and different sub-contractors. Project supervision will make sure that all sub-contractors are performing their task as per the project timeline and that the different systems work together to achieve the needed result.

Client Representation

Data center projects are similar to building projects where different parties are involved: client, suppliers, consultant, general contractor and sub-contractors… Given that the client is not necessarily knowledgeable in data centers it is always important to have someone that is employed by the him to act as his representative who understands his needs and fully know the data center technicalities. The client rep is there to assist the client in taking the proper informed decisions.

Startup, Testing & Commissioning for Multiple Manufacturers

Data centers include many systems like UPS and cooling units that require proper startup and testing done by manufacturer certified engineers. Our team will perform such tasks to make sure that the systems are properly installed and configured to run as per the project specifications, which will also guarantee the manufacturer granting the needed warranty.

After Sales Support for Multiple Manufacturers

Once the data center project is handed over to the client, an equally important task starts and that is properly maintaining the facility. Trained and certified engineers are needed to support the individual systems and more importantly a holistic knowledge is needed since systems are interconnected and problems could be in one system and affect another. Our team of engineers will make sure that the route cause for any problem is properly identified and resolved between the different systems inside the data center.