While many of the traditional monitoring and control systems like BMS, SCADA, DALI, … are some form of connecting things to the network and can theoretically be called IOT, the true innovation in the world of connecting things is the way it is done. IOT is an ecosystem that includes:

IOT is an ecosystem that includes:

  • IOT sesors that are small, wireless, have long battery life and can read a multitude of information.
  • Wireless IOT communication protocol.
  • Gateways with edge computing.
  • Full copper and fiber intelligent cabling solutions
  • Software platform that includes AI to analyze the large amount of collected data from the sensors and generate results and decisions.

IOT use cases

It is really all about the use case.
Some examples:
  • Cold chain management
  • Connected workers
  • Public transportation
  • Secure cash transit
  • Smart school bus
  • Smart irrigation
  • Smart agriculture
  • Smart cities: water management, garbage collection, lighting...